Every  Sales  Campaign has steps that predetermine how and when a contact should be engaged. There are a few sales campaign step options you can choose from when creating your sequences. 

Auto Email

Auto emails help you reach more contacts with less effort. Your emails will automatically send out to prospects based on the time interval you set for each step. For example, let’s say your automatic email sends out individual touch points on days 1, 3, and 7. All you have to do is start your sequence, add the prospects into the sequence, and then your prospects will receive these emails with the specified templates on days 1, 3, and 7.

Manual Email

Manual emails are used for sending out customized emails. When a contact enters a manual email step, a manual task will appear in your tasks tab once the prospect enters that step. This email task will be “due” at the time interval you select for the step. The task will be completed when the email is sent and the prospect will progress to the next step.

For example, let’s say the time interval is set for 3 days and the prospect  just entered the manual email step. This task will show up in your tasks tab immediately, showing that the email is due 3 days from now. You can pre-populate these emails with templates, then customize them further when you send them.

Phone Call

Phone calls keep you accountable for following up with prospects via phone. Once a prospect enters this step, a call task will be created for you. When creating this step, you can add notes to leave yourself a reminder for why you are calling this prospect. Imaginesales  will mark this task as completed, and the prospect will move on to the next step, once this call is logged.

For example, you can use a call task to remind yourself to call your prospect for an introduction call or to ask them clarifying questions.

Generic Task

Generic tasks are helpful reminders to complete an action outside of Imaginesales Technologies. This task will be created once your prospect enters the step, and will be due when the set time interval has passed. Your prospect will move on to the next step once you mark the task as complete.

For example, you could create a generic task to remind yourself to connect with a prospect on LinkedIn.