A/B testing is a the easiest way to test changes in your sales messaging against each other and determine which emails/templates or call scripts produce the most positive results.

It is a method to validate that any new change to an email in your campaign is improving your open rate, click rate, or reply rate before you make that template the permanent option.

Tracking Open Rates vs. Reply Rates

For true A/B testing, you want to test either the open rate or the reply rate. Open rate is tracked by keeping the same email body, and only changing the subject of the email. Reply rate is tracked by having identical subject lines and modifying the body of the email. If modifications are made to both the subject and body of the email, it will not give a clear indication of whether the subject or body of the email prompted an open and reply to the email. For this reason, we suggest tracking either the open rate or the reply rate, but not both.

Creating an A/B Test

  1. To A/B test in Imaginesales Technologies , go to the campaign creation button.


 So the first step is choosing the step to be A/B testing as step type. It is shown below by photographically. 

So after you have chose A/B testing as a step type and you click on "Add Step" button, it will take you to the next page where in you have to add the template for the first step.

Step 3: Write the email template you want to send or choose the template already written. In the below example I have chosen an earlier written template, as shown below.  I clicked on the using existing template and the following template window opens up.

Step 4:   Click on the save button. 

Step 5

You will now find that two A/B steps is created. In the first step the email template is also created since you choose it to be an email.

Step 6.

Now go and click the edit button on  second A/B step. This is shown in the below pic. 


Step 7.

 When you click on the edit button as shown here , you will find the below window opens up.

Step 8. 

You can now choose the second A/B testing step type. Should it be another email, should it be Auto phone call or another manual email.