In sales when you reach out to connect with someone, the standard practice in Imaginesales Technologies is to place them in a campaign to make sure that you follow them persistently and no leads falls through the leaks of no follow up. 

Once you receive a reply be it email or call, that prospect is kicked out of the campaign so they don’t receive any more emails or calls from this campaign.  After your initial reply, a follow-up sequence can be used to make sure that there’s continued communication.

Auto vs. Manual Email

There are two types of emails that you can have in a sequence: auto and manual.

Auto email:  Emails will automatically send at the predesignated time, either a specific time and day or an interval of time after the first touch point.  There is no action required for the emails to send.

Manual email:  An email that, at a predesignated time, after the first touch point, will be queued as a task in Imaginesales Technologies for delivery. Manual emails will not be sent until you manually sends the email.  The campaign will stay at this step until you make any necessary edits and send the email.

In both instances, if there is a reply, the person is automatically kicked out of the campaign.

Understanding which type of email type is significant in designing your campaign.  For example, maybe you want the email to automatically send no matter what, based on your workflow?  Then an Auto email is right for you.

Sample Reply Emails

We have shared few sample email templates to follow up for reply.

You can configure in the system to send the second email 3 days after the earlier email.