"Before anyone invests money with you, he will invest time with you"

Today organisations are lot more democratic. Any buying decision will involve a team of 3 to 15 people depending on company size. The sales team need to engage atleast 3 people from the purchase team. This is because after all you just need one vote against your proposal to kill the deal. When a purchase group increases to 5, it is noticed that likelihood of deal is dismal 30%. The sales cycle increases by 30% as time goes in getting access to other decision makers. All these are symptoms. The root cause of these issues is applying lead centric approach. Not working on whole account. 

Hence you need to monitor Account Engagement. How much time all the people in the account engaged with us? This is equal to total positive engagement minus the negative engagement. 

Imaginesales technologies helps you to get account engagement.  When you visit the account module this is where you get the account engagement score. It shows value in minutes. It means 174 minutes.