Buying team is getting larger. No more one person decides to buy. Organisations are led very democratically than it was 10 years ago. Hence not only the economic buyer but also the user has to vote for your deal. When you do lead based approach, trying to reach a single buyer, the probability for a deal goes down to dismal 35%. This is because you just need one negative vote to kill your deal. The deal cycle also elongates by 30%. As the time goes in getting access to other decision maker. The root cause of these issues are lead based approach, talking to single individuals in isolation. Working on big deals means working in entire account. 

Lead based approach is like fishing with Nets. Account Based Approach is like fishing with harpoon.  Hence the technology that you use should enable Account Based Marketing. Such a technology needs to have the following capability:

1. Lead to Account Mapping Automatically. In CRM, like Salesforce or Zoho or Sugarcrm lead to account mapping is not there. It has contact to Account mapping. A Sales engagement platform automatically creates an Account and links the lead to respective Account. 

2. The technology should show how many contacts are the sales people trying to knock in that Account. If the manager sees that only 1 or 2 contacts are been targeted, it is a signal that lead based approach is been tried and not Account Based. 

In Imaginesales sales you have lead to account mapping and you also get to see how many contacts are been targeted in that Account. It is shown in the below image.