Hi, There are a set of question below. Try to answer them on a blank sheet of paper. if you are not able to answer the question, we request you, I again repeat , we request you to please watch the people profile page video we sent on Module 9. 

Q1. Where do we need to click on to open the people profile page? 

Q2. If you have to call a person , where do you need to click on the people profile page?

Q3. While on call, you have taken some call notes. Where will you click in the people profile page to see the call notes?

Q4. I had a demo meeting with a prospect or web lead. He did not turn up for the meeting. I want to assign him to a follow up campaign, I have created named as "meeting no show". In meeting no show campaign, I have a series of emails and sms messages talking about rescheduling the the meeting From where can I assign the lead to that campaign? 

Q5. Where can you go on people profile page to see all the series of emails that has been sent historically? 

Q6. Where do you need to click to create a task in people profile page?

Ans 1: In the earlier video of people profile page we have shown. You need to click on the name of contact to open the people profile page. 

Ans 2: You need to click on the phone icon on the people profile page available in the left handside. 

Ans 3: In the right handside there is a button named call notes. That is where you will see the notes that was taken down when you were in the call. It is shown by an arrow in the below image. 

Ans 4: You can assign that lead to that campaign from the Assign campaign in the people profile page. See the below image. By the arrow we have shown the place to click where this campaign pop up will emerge. 

Ans 5: You need to go the email tab in the people profile page to see all the emails sent historically to that lead. 

Ans 6: In the image below you can see the place to go to create a new task?