Please find the steps to download the Softphone in the Mobile. 

Step 1. 

Go to google play store and search " Zoiper"

Step 2.

Install the app and give all the permission. 

Step 3.

Once done the App will appear on Mobile as shown below.

Step 4.

Now you open the APP and fill the details provided by Imaginesales Team. As shown in the below image. 

Step 5.

Once you have feeded the details, click on Create an Account.

Step 6.

Now feed the IP address here.  

Step 7

Do not do anything on this page and move to next step. 

Step 8

Now let the system sync. As it is shown below the system will get in sync. Do Not do anything manually anything. I again repeat don't do anything manually. Let the system read and run the below program automatically. 

Step 9.

Automatically , the system should have the Green color for SIP UDP. If not then the sync is not done correctly.  After that happens click on the Finish button at the bottom. 

Step 10

Click on the Allow Button.