Let me share with you the steps that is needed to get this information. 

At first you noticed the following as shown in the below image: 

As you go inside the campaign you saw that the Overdue is in Step 2. As shown on the below Image. 

In order to search these 4 Leads, Go to Contacts Page Filter Button as Shown below:

Step 1

Please Click on the Contacts Tab. Once the Contacts Page gets Loaded, Please click on the Filter as shown below.

Step 2. 

When you click on the Filter the, Filter Window opens , as shown on the below image. 

Step 3.

Click on the Campaigns Tab in the Filter and Choose the Campaign. This is Shown in the below Image. 

Step 4. 

Once you have selected the campaign Name, Choose the Step Number. In this Case it is Step 2.

Step 5.

Now you can see below that all the  4 Overdue leads are been shown below.