Please follow the Steps.

Step 1. Click on the Button "New" to create a New Campaign.

Step 2. 

When you click on the new the below page opens. At first you need to name the campaign. 

In the first field name the campaign. So if you are creating a campaign to follow up the fresh leads, it can be named as Fresh Follow Up. If you are online advertising and got leads. You created a campaign for fresh leads follow up , you can name it as Fresh Inbound Lead Follow Up. 

In the second field Choose the drop down "Step By Date Interval".  

In the 3rd Field, you can choose who all sales rep/agents will be in this campaign. As you can see below the name of the sales rep below is Duke, Jitendra, and Kedar

Step 3.

In this step choose the sales rep or the agents who will be in this campaign.  Like in the picture below I wanted to assign to Duke and Kedar and not Jitendra in between. I pressed CTRL and picked on the agent whom I want to assign. If a campaign has two Representatives and there are 10 data assigned to that campaign, the both will get 5 leads equally. 

Step 4

In this Step do not think much. Please choose "others and view it and use it"  and click on Submit Button

Step 5.

In this Step the step that you want. Since you want to create a step of Auto Phone call, please choose the Auto Phone Call, step in this campaign as shown below. 

Step 6.

As of now choose the Basic Step now. As you get used to the tool we will teach you on A/B testing. 

Step 7.

In the step you define at what time the first step will be due. Since this is the first auto call step you are creating choose Step 1 as 5 mins after as shown in the below image. In the priority tab choose the option as "low"

Step 8

Click on the Green Button  Add Step.

Step 9.

In this Step you need to add the call script. Please refer to the image below. 

Step 10.

Click on the Save Button. 

Step 11

Now you would have landed in the call scripts page. Click on the campaign tab.  As you scroll down you will find that the campaign is created. 

Step 12. 

Congratulations. Your first campaign is created by yourself. Awesome...

Now you need to assigns leads or contacts to this campaign. To learn that Click here :