When I was a kid I loved to go fishing with my grand father at Jamalpur. The only thing I did not like was that I couldn't catch any of them. I used to ask him "What am I doing wrong? ". He used to say, "If you want to catch a fish, you have to think like a fish." I used to get frustrated how can I think like a fish. "I'm not a fish!"I didn't know how to think like a fish. 


Today I know that fish is a cold blooded animal ? Therefore they are very sensitive to water temperature, and generally speaking they would rather be in warmer temperature as opposed to colder water when they can. Water is usually warmer in direct sunlight than in shade , but fish don't have any eyelids and the sun hurts their eyes. Shallow water is usually warmer than deep water , and it tends to hold a wide variety of food sources. Fish always positions itself in way so that they can quickly escape to deeper water to avoid predators. 


Later on in corporate world and I have often heard, things like "  Learn to think like Salespeople" & " Here is the way top sales people think." 


My grandfather never taught me , "If you want to catch a fish you need to think like a fisherman."  Same way if you need to allure high caliber good students to your institute , you have to think like them and not like a counselor. Sales as a profession , we are not paid of what we do in our sales process but what the customer does in their buying process. We can do every single thing that we are supposed to do in our sales process still not make the sale! If the prospective student does all the things needed to do in order to buy from you and even if you have missed one or two steps you are supposed to do in your sales process, could you still book the deal? 


Hence as a sales person we should think like a customers to persuade more high caliber students to buy from us. That's the only way to sell more and better and faster. 


When you think like a customer you would never ask:


"What do we need to do to close the deal?".  Because you know it very well, that as a sales person  you could do three dozen of things and still not close a deal. What we should rather be asking: 


" What  the customer need to do in order to buy from us ?" Only when we can answer that question we can ask a follow up question , which is," what do we need to do to get them to do those things?" 


If you want to persuade, you must first connect. When you are thinking like a customer, you will connect better rather than thinking like a sales rep.