Another feature that you need immediately as you log-in, will be to upload data. In this video we have talked about how to upload data.The format to upload is CSV. The file format should be CSV. The format of the CSV is attached below. Download the format shared below. 

After this video training, you should upload a sample data of 20. Without that exercise this training is not complete. 

At the extreme bottom there is a download link. Download the data upload format. 

Though we have answered the questions, in the video, we still mention that during the upload either the phone number or mobile is mandatory. Either phone or email is mandatory. 

1. Will I be able to upload data with special characters in first name or last name or on the phone number? The answer is no. Special characters are like " sudip-samaddar"
2. Will I be able to upload data if there is a formula in the CSV? No.