A Sales Campaign is a sequence, or repeatable series of steps, that mimics your sales process to create a consistent process. Your  sales campaigns in Imaginesales Technologies allow you to seamlessly execute your tasks in a way that fits your work rhythm (or campaign...get it?). 

Since every sales process is different, Imaginesales Technologies allows you to create and customize your rhythm/campaign to your preferences.

Rhythm consist of email,phone, and other steps. 

How to create a campaign is explained here?

Q 1. " I have 5 people sales team. I want to distribute the data among all the 5 members. Do I have to create 5 campaigns or can I do with 1 campaign"? 

Ans: You can do with one campaign. When you are creating a campaign, assign the campaign to all the 5 sales people.  The system wil distribute the data to all the 5 almost equally. 

Q2. Does the campaign divides the data equally among all the 5 sales people. How does the system distribute the data among the sales people? 

Ans: Say you have 5 sales people and 500 data. The system will divide 100 to each. Say you have 499 data and 5 sales people. The system will divide the 99 to all the sales rep. But the first sales rep will get 104. If you have 498 data and 5 sales rep, the system will give 99 to all and 103 to the first sales rep. If you have 497 data and 5 sales rep, it will give 99 to all and 102 to the first sales rep. 

Q3. I made 10 dials. 4 people did not answer my call. Will these 4 people move to next step in that campaign or 6 people who did not answer my call will move to next step? 

Ans: The steps in the campaign are the follow up steps. So all the phones that are not answered will move to next step. In this case 4 people who did not answer your call will move to next step. 

Q4. How the software will know if the call is answered or not answered? 

The system understands that the call is answered when the call outcome ( also called as call sentiment) is filled. When you call, there are two fields that you dispose. The first one is "call disposition" and the other one is "call outcome or call sentiment". You must fill the call sentiment when the call is answered. You should not fill the "call sentiment" if the call is answered. 

Hence it will take time. Please find the below Questions. Try to answer these questions. Don't look at the answers first. 

Q1. "My organization has said that I should try to contact a lead 5 times over the phone if he has not answered the call. How many steps should I create in the campaign?"

Q2. " Lets us assume that we got a fresh lead Named Rajesh. I tried calling Rajesh. Rajesh phone was not reachable. My senior has asked me to try contacting the lead 30 mins later. I decided to create another follow-up a step in the campaign module. What is the time difference I should choose for step 2 when I am creating that step in the campaign module"

Q3. Let's imagine a situation. Rajesh was working on the campaign named "Fresh Lead Prospecting".  The first step of the campaign was auto call. In the auto call, Rajesh just called a lead named Nisha. Rajesh had a conversation with Nisha. Nisha answered the call. Rajesh after the call fed the call disposition. Will Nisha as a lead move to next step? 

Q4. "I was executing the campaign named " Fresh lead follow up". I called Mr.Ravi. Mr.Ravi did not answer the phone. Should I feed the call outcome or not"

Q5. I have 5 telesales team. I wanted to create a campaign in which there would 2 sales rep assigned. These two sales rep will be assigned in this campaign and share data. Is it possible to create a campaign with 2 sales rep out of 5 sales rep. 


1. You should have 5 steps. 

2. The time difference for the step 2 from step 1 should be 30 minutes. 

3. Rajesh must feed the call outcome or sentiment for all the calls that are answered.  As Rajesh rightly fed the call outcome/sentiment, the system knows that the call was answered. As it was answered, it will not move to the next step. 

4. Since Ravi did not answer the call, I should not feed the call outcome. As I don't feed the call outcome, the system will know that the call was not answered and it will move that lead to next follow up step. 

5. Yes, it is possible You need to use CTRL and cursor click to choose the telesales you want to keep in the campaign.