Agreement format for the security Deposit.

1. That ImagiSales Technologies has installed a __  port GSM gateway at your office premise with the address --------------------on rental basis.  This is returnable when your services have been stopped. 

2.As a security measure for this hardware a PDC of ------------------- in the name of M/s ImagiSales Technologies Pvt.Ltd. Before en-cashing this cheque following things has to be done.

 A) Imaginesales need to email and message Mr.XYZ @ this email id  4 times in the span of 4 to 5 days. Upon non reply of these message/emails or negative reply of these emails/messages ( which means not ready to hand over the gsm gateway), the cheque will be encashed.

2. Whenever Mr.XYZ wants to discontinue the services of ImagiSales Technologies he will need to give 35 days prior notice @

3.On non-payment of GSM gateway rental for more than 30 days, we will urge to settle the past due.

Security Deposit Break Out.

4 Port GSM gateway Security Deposit is 20K ( twenty thousands only)

8 port GSM gateway security deposit is 35K ( thirty five thousands only)

16 Port GSM gateway security deposit is 53K ( fifty three thousands only)

32 port GSM gateway security deposit is 80K ( eighty thousands only).