In the earlier chapter you read how to integrate Zoho admin with Imaginesales Admin. Now in case you have 1 Zoho admin and 5 ImagineSales Licenses or 1 Zoho Admin to be integrated with 10 Imaginesales Licenses etc, then this below step is needed. 

This step is only for those companies who have 10 Zoho licenses to be integrated with 10 Imaginesales licenses or 5 Zoho licenses with 5 Imaginesales Licenses etc. 

Please note that the users in Zoho and Imaginesales should be named similarly. 

So if you have created a user in Zoho as , then in Imaginesales also you will have to create the user with same name as If there is any difference like if you create user in imaginesales as " or etc, these will not get mapped. 

In order to map the users of Zoho & Imaginesales the step that is needed to be taken is as follows :

And then you go to the below mentioned button and click on Users tab as shown. It will map all the Log ins of Zoho with that of Imaginesales. This step must be accomplished before you move to filed mapping. 

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