Let me first present a story.

6 years ago , I was with my Grand ma. We are at the exit Railway Station in Patna. One person in the dress of a Snaysi was selling The Mahabharat book. He was selling the book and we purchased it. 

One week ago on Oct 2019, few Sanyasi were selling again Mahabharat book outside Nehru Place metro. I watched for 10 mins. No one was buying his book and were telling him no.

We humans, biologically get accustomed to salesy tactics. When it happens repeatedly, we start avoiding it. 

Humans biologically don't like getting sold including you. They love to buy. 

Past 10 years cold calling pitch has been irritating and disturbing. They start avoiding calls and find ways to get an excuse. 

Now lets see what happens on the consumers mind when they receive a cold call. You can  repeat this exercise with yourself as well when you receive a cold call. 

The moment they answer your call, and they understand its a cold call, the first thing their brain tells them that this person is trying to sell me something. He is eyeing my money. 

By now you understand the devil in the cold calling. 

That doesn't mean cold call doesn't work. Cold calling is the most predictable and repeatable process of lead generation. It is very mathematical. 

It works amazing only when you apply psychological science to cold calling. 

If you try to learn these basic brain science, you will be able to influence people over a cold call. 

My best of luck. 

As you pass through these chapters, you will be able to cold call effectively. You will be able to influence 30% more people over cold call.