How many layers of brain does human being have? 

It is important to know about the brain since when you try to influence someone, because influence happens over the brain. 

Brain has 3 parts:

1. Reptile layer: This is fight or flight part of the brain. This region of the brain is like acting & reacting without a lot of thinking going on. When you touch a hot surface and remove your hand abruptly, it is this part of the brain that is working. 

2. Mammal Layer: This is the part of the brain that houses all the emotions like romance, joy etc.

3. Final Primate layer: It is the mathematical part of the brain. They think logically & analyzes data. 

It is at very few times that all these 3 layers act together. Mostly they work independently. 

When any new information is shared to a human being, it first reaches reptile brain, and then mammal brain and then the Final Primate layer. 

What does all of this have to do with cold calling? 

When you are cold calling you are trying to reach through people & influence people. You are in trouble when you are trying to gain buy-in from a someone who's feeling angry, upset or avoiding. 

If you want to influence someone you need to talk to either the mammal brain or Final Primate Brain. 

Your success depends entirely on talking the person up from reptile to mammal to human part of the brain. 

I will teach you how to do that. 

I request you all to think in mind the "nozzel" of a pressure cooker. Same way in the brain we have a nozzel named "amygdala"

The moment "amygdala" senses a threat , the amygdala rises up and starts alarm signal. When it raises alarm signal, the information is not allowed to move upward from reptile brain to Mammal brain & final primate brain. 

The body gives this power to amygdala because there is a reason.  If the threat information reaches to the final primate brain, this brain will try to analyze the threat. You don't always have time for that. 

In cold calling when you are trying to talk facts & reasons , you will have to ensure that the person amygdala hasn't raised the alarm bell. 

In order to avoid overflow of information, I end up this chapter here. In next chapter, we will go further.