Is your objective in first 20 secs of cold call is to sell him a product or get his permission to talk 40 more secs? 

The objective of 1st 20 secs of the conversation is never selling? This is because people feel they are being sold and they avoid to talk in length. That creates disengagement rather than engagement. 

The objective of the first 20 secs is to get the permission to talk longer. The most successful cold call of 20 secs is, after 20 secs of conversation on the phone, the buyer should say "tell me more."

This is only possible if you can arise "curiosity". 

Let me share a sample script now:

" This is Sudip from Imaginesales Technologies. We have been working with many financial companies for the past 2 years. One of the chief concerns we are hearing from other Telesales heads is their frustration with too few new leads been created. We have been able to help or customers deal with such issues and I would like an opportunity to share with you how."

In case this call is to another telesales head of a financial agency then this call script would generate curiosity. In fact if we add another line that another financial company 5 Kms from your office will create further curiosity.

It has been seen that when we call  doctors, and talk about another doctor they get curious. If i want to call a vice president of finance, I tell the them how we have helped another vice president of a finance company. If I call a motor parts distributor, we have seen that if we tell them how we have helped another motor parts distributor, they get curious. 

Remember these lines are not the trick. I will give many more call script in later chapter. But the core science behind the engagement is that : 

Prospects will talk to you openly and give permission to talk longer if they feel they are not manipulated or sold. 

We human beings, biologically avoid getting sold but love to buy and talk if we are felt heard.  

When they start openly talking to you, you get a window of opportunity to meaningfully communicate who are you and why people decide to work with you? 

Remember curiosity is the start of buying cycle. 

You first get curious about a new bike or about a new mobile design or about a new course. 

Like the first step to home loan is the curiosity to buy an house. 

In two mins from now you will learning a amazing concept called buying cycle.

Lets imagine you purchased a bike on 23 rd Dec 2019 through loan. 

One week earlier you will be interested in knowing who all provides motor loan, what interest and what are the documents required. am I correct?

30 days ago you will be interested in talking about the design of the bike and how it looks. 

45 days ago you will be interested in knowing how to impress girls riding a bike.