In the last chapter we talked that we need to gain attention from the consumers in the 1st 20 secs. In order to get attention we need to create curiosity. 

All the persuasion techniques or convincing techniques or influencing techniques moves through the steps shown in the below image. To take a person from beginning to the end of the Persuasion Cycle, you need to speak with them in a manner that moves them : 

  • From resisting to listening.
  • From listening to considering.
  • From Considering to willing to do.
  • From willing to do to doing.
  • From doing to glad that they did.
  • From glad they did to continue doing

The secret of getting through to absolutely anyone is to get "Buy-IN". The key to getting buy-in is actually what happens to their mind in the process of communicating with you.

One of the way to create Curiosity is when you tell them about another similar person like them. To a doctor about another doctor and so on. 

There are many other ways also to generate curiosity. 

Remember curiosity is the start of buying cycle. 

You first get curious about a new bike or about a new mobile design or about a new course. 

Like the first step to home loan is the curiosity to buy an house. So the question is now once we have generated curiosity how do we move it to a sales deal? 

In two mins from now you will learning a amazing concept called buying cycle.

Lets imagine you purchased a bike on 23 rd Dec 2019 through loan. 

One week earlier you will be interested in knowing who all provides motor loan, what interest and what are the documents required. am I correct?

30 days ago you will be interested in talking about the design of the bike and how it looks. 

45 days ago you will be interested in knowing how to impress girls riding a bike.

This is called buying cycle. 

The journey that a customer goes through from curiosity to paying money & purchase the product. 

why it is important to know buying cycle is because when you cold call customers some are at 60 days away from buying and others are 7 days away from buying. 

You need to gauge that over the call in 1st 20th secs to 40th secs before you utter another word.